Real Italian Bar in Krakow!

It is very difficult to start blogging after a break, but here I am and I have some great news. While on vacation in Krakow, some friends took us to a real Italian coffee bar! We were sooo happy, because we got quite used to drinking Italian coffee and no other kind really satisfies us anymore, because they all seem somehow watery and diluted in comparison.

You can find the bar in the Kazimierz area of Krakow (former Jewish quarter), in Plac Wolnica. It is not very far from the Old Town, but if you are in a hurry, you need to take a tram.

It is owned by a real Italian named, obviously, Antonio (me and my husband spent half an hour talking to him- in Italian of course – he is a very, very nice person!) and looks exactly the same like most of the bars we frequent here in Rome. The biggest difference, and one – I have to admit – in favor of the Cracovian one is the presence of very comfortable sofas. In Italy usually you have to drink your coffee while standing at the bar and if you want to sit down you have to pay extra.

In the Antonio Caffe though you can sit and enjoy your coffee, have a real Italian aperitivo and even try Italian cuisine. I recommend it to everybody who is planning on visiting Krakow for the EURO 2012 or whatever other reason. If you know your coffee, you’ll need to go to Antonio Caffe!

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