Vader Bag

It is now a tradition for me to sew something for my husband before he goes to one of his exhibitions, and I don’t only mean instrument bags.

The other day I bought a pair of Star Wars jeans for 2 euros in a second hand market. It had a lot of interesting details and so I decided to turn it into a bag.

The best part was a big Vader helmet. I decided to put in on the flap.

I also love the silver spaceships on black background. Interestingly, they were hidden inside of the pockets! They had to be shown.

I’m glad the Force was strong with me, because the Dark Side used one of the Vader buttons to knock out my needle! Luckily it didn’t break.

Here you can see two of the suspicious buttons.

As modeled by the proud owner…

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3 Responses to Vader Bag

  1. brandymc says:

    Wow! I love this bag. Repurposed goodies are always so amazing. It’s great when people stop you on the street and ask you where you got it and you get to say it’s one of a kind. Fabulous work, I’m sure your husband uses it with pride.

    • kraftoosia says:

      Thank you Brandy! I love this kind of challenge, where I have limited resources and have to think what to use them for and how. It’s more fun than buying fabric for a specific project, I find.

  2. Dawn Bennett says:

    You’re sooo creative…I’m jealous! Joel would love that bag too. He is a big Star Wars fan.

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