My Birthday

Today is my birthday and a few friends were kind enough to visit me. I decided to prepare an easier and lighter version of tiramisu, because this is a dessert that Italians (at least in Rome) typically prepare for their birthday.

I used lighter ricotta cheese instead of mascarpone and eggs and I added a syrup made with frutti di bosco (forest fruit,which just means berries here) as an additional layer. The mandatory savoiardi biscuits drank up half a liter of strong coffee!

This is what it looked like when it was ready. I used dark chocolate shavings on top and as one of the layers. Also, my husband made an awesome apple cake!

I got a few great gifts…

Including a set of local biological goodies – a bottle of local wine, olive oil, tomato sauces, pasta and cookies.

Thank you all so much for coming and for the great gifts!

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2 Responses to My Birthday

  1. Nelima says:

    Happy belated birthday! Your faux tiramisù looks absolutely delicious!

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